Volunteer ushers play an important role in putting on Theatre & Dance Department productions and we are grateful for your time and effort. You will receive free admission to the performance for which you volunteer.


  1. Arrive promptly one hour before the curtain time, ready for training and to assist with pre-show duties, including preparing the theatre.
  2. Be dressed in a clean, sharp, and professional manner. When you usher, you are an ambassador for the Theatre & Dance Department. Please wear dress pants, a skirt or dark-wash jeans with a nice top.
  3. Follow the house manager’s instructions and be a courteous, professional, helpful, and welcoming presence for our patrons.
  4. Assist the house manager to ensure the safety of our patrons in case of an emergency, and be ready to share and enforce Theatre & Dance policies with our patrons.
  5. Stay after the performance for approximately 15 minutes to help clean the theatre and check in with the house manager.


  • If you choose to sign up for a volunteer usher shift, you agree to the above list of expectations
  • By signing up for an usher position, you are are fully committing to the time and date of that performance 
  • Please check in with the house manager at all performance venues
  • Any usher who does not show up for their scheduled volunteer time will not be allowed to usher for the remainder of the productions in the semester
  • The House Management Team reserves the right to send home any usher whose appearance or behavior is unprofessional in any way

In Case of Emergency

In case of an emergency that would keep you from arriving at your committed time, please email housemanager@colorado.edu as soon as possible.