Chrissy Nelson

 University Theatre Building, C334


Wellness Appointment Information

Chrissy Nelson is a dance artist, physical therapist, certified Pilates instructor, and movement educator. Her current research involves waiting. And weighting. And trying to recall moments from Spring Vacation 2006 while staying present in today. And flamingos, and the art of standing on one leg. Since living in CO, Nelson has performed with Helander Dance Theater, Hannah Kahn Dance Company, 3rd Law Dance/Theater, kim olson/sweet edge, and Tumblebones, and in works created by Onye Ozuzu, Chris Aiken & Angie Hauser, Gesel Mason, Mary Wohl Haan, Joanna Rotkin, and Gwen Ritchie. Enjoying the communities that arise from intense study, Nelson has taught and facilitated CI at EarthDance, Contact Improvisation Iowa, and the Texas Dance Improvisation Festival. She is a lecturer at CU Boulder where she has taught Dance Improvisation, currently teaches Somatic Conditioning, and serves as the Co-Director of the Theater & Dance Wellness Program. Highly influenced by Movement Fundamentals, and its founder, Jane Hawley, Nelson values CI as a foundation to the dance artist’s practice, and incorporates its principles into all of her movement-based teaching. In addition to her teaching, Chrissy also directs The Field | Boulder, has collaborated frequently with sound and visual artists, and has performed original works in PA, NY and CO. Chrissy received her MFA in dance from the University of Colorado Boulder, with a secondary emphasis in both Somatics and Improvisation in Performance. She received her MPT from Ohio University in 1998.