Published: Nov. 1, 2021

The CU Boulder Theatre & Dance department graduate programs have come together to bring Kaidan+ to the University Theater stage this weekend! Over the past six weeks, Theatre and Performance Studies PhD candidate Heather Kelley and Dance MFA student James Nguyen have been assisting the department’s production of seven different ghost stories from around the globe being presented for eight nights. Heather filled the roles of Assistant Director, Dramaturg, and wrote some of the adaptations of these classic legends. James served as the choreographer for the women in the Nigerian horror story of Madam Koi-Koi. This project required the culmination of many different backgrounds and specializations to distinguish each story. As Heather wrote in her Dramaturg’s note located in the program: “The ghost (or monster) that appears in each of these stories is culturally specific, taking many different forms and alternately inspiring awe, fear, grief and revenge in those who witness it. But while the interpretation of the ghost changes significantly from story to story, its function as an expression of trauma—and means of coping with devastating loss—is universal and profoundly human.”

Come out and hear some ghost stories until November 7th!

P.S. By request from the director, I need to mention that a first-year Master’s student is in the cast playing (Alferd) Packer, Donald Macbane, and Constable.
P.P.S. By further request from the director, I am to mention that the actor’s name is Graham Bryant.

Photography and Scenic Design: Connor Robertson