Published: Oct. 18, 2021

Recent PhD graduate alum Erin Kaplan and current PhD graduate student Sarah Fahmy were recently published in the book Applied Theatre with Youth: Education, Engagement, Activism!

Kaplan’s chapter is titled “The value of process: Creating theatre with incarcerated youth”, based on her extensive work in applied theatre in New York City and South-Eastern Michigan.

Fahmy’s chapter titled “Young Women’s Voices in Climate” was created in collaboration with Chelsea Hackett, Lianna Nixon, and faculty professor Beth Osnes. The cover of the book also features a photo from their work with youth participants at a climate strike on-campus in 2019! Sarah had this to say on her work in the book:

“The “Young Women’s Voices for Climate" chapter was a joy to write because we reflected on four years worth of program development and performances with young women in Boulder. In highlighting a wide range of our creative collaborations, from performances with the Boulder City Council’s Climate Mobilization plan to producing two of the Climate Theatre Action Plays, we offer a glimpse of the impact young women’s authorship and activism have on a community. Collaborative authorship was at the heart of this chapter and the book in general, capturing the essence of applied theatre. I greatly appreciated that the editors of the book invited all the chapter authors to a recorded roundtable conversation to discuss our work. I felt like I actually know, and am talking directly to the other authors in the book. As I go back and read the chapter, I recall the moments where we were challenged, I laugh at the insider jokes, and I cherish the memories when I witnessed the young women using their empowered voices in public. I started working with SPEAK, and the young women when I moved to Boulder in my first semester as a Master’s student. This chapter is published in my final year of the PhD, and the first year of college for many of the young women. It feels like we are closing a chapter of our lives together that is reflected in this work, and it has truly been a pleasure to grow alongside them.”

Look for it at online retailers today!

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