Published: Oct. 1, 2020

Join La Danse

#joinladanse is an artistic response to the current COVID-19 pandemic by MA in Theatre & Performance Studies student, Donielle Carr.

The response is based on la danse macabre, an artistic response to the Black Death of the late Middle Ages that highlighted social inequality by portraying death as the great equalizer. #joinladanse attempts to contemporize la danse macabre with modern archetypes for a modern world.​

In order to participate in #joinladanse, check out How to Participate and submit your own creative contribution contemporizing la danse macabre. Be it a performance, a drawing, a song, a poem, a selfie...whatever artistry speaks to you, be sure to consider what modern archetype(s) you would choose to include in your creative contribution. Remember, archetypes can be modern versions of the originals; check out the "History of La Danse Macabre" or establish your own archetype. ​

In addition to submitting your creative contribution, please also fill out this questionnaire. Please note that you are not required to fill out the questionnaire in order to participate, nor is participation required in order to fill out the questionnaire. ​

This artistic response is open to anyone and everyone and will ultimately function as additional research towards Donielle's master's thesis in Theatre & Performance Studies at the University of Colorado Boulder. 

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