Published: July 22, 2019
Title Virtue of Reality written out in Maze Font

Virtue of Reality

Virtue of Reality is an exciting immersive open-world experience.

Stakeholders of massive conglomerate corporation VeraRev are invited to a high-tech virtual reality preview of the idealized future, however the simulation that the guest actually witness is far from the idyllic VeraRev collective vision. Will you choose to support Vera Rev in their mission, or sympathize with the opposition that is the Virtue of Reality.

Visitors should be prepared to experience a virtual reality yeadset presentation and become immersed in a designed enviorment that is completely explorable. Interact with the inhabitants of the future and determine what is in store for VeraRev and the rest of humanity. 

As students, our resources for producing such a show are limited but our imaginations are wild and vast. In order to make our vision a reality, wee're calling upon our network to gather additional funds that will be used for world building and creating an awesome guest experience. 

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Virtue of Reality is an expereince written, designed and directed by the University of Colorado's Experience Design MFA Cohort: Erin Carlson, Jenine Dunn, Adrianna Hipple, Jack McCahan, Camila Montoya, Lyndie Ramond, Veronica Rodriguez, and program director Bruce Bergner.

Audition and ticketing information is coming soon.

An open world immersive experience

4CU Boulder Campus. Carlson Gym

September 20-22, 2019