Published: May 7, 2014
Jennifer Hubbard

The Department of Theatre and Dance is proud to announce that Jennifer Hubbard will be the 2014- 2015 Roe Green Visiting Theatre Artist, directing Legacy of Light by Karen Zacarias. 

Hubbard is a professional director, actor and teacher and is currently a visiting professor at University of Nebraska-Lincoln. A former nominee for the Theatre Communications Group Alan Schneider Award for Directing, she founded the Theatre for Public Works. Through that project she created River of Life, a public-theater event in response to the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001 and O Columbia, in honor of space-shuttle crew members who lost their lives February 1, 2003.

Legacy of Light, a story about two women living centuries apart, is a brilliant and emotive comedy that deals with both science and motherhood as though they are tightly entwined.  Physicist Emilie du Chatelet and astrophysicist Olivia are tied together through both their scientific work and the conception of a child.

The show will run Oct. 24-26 and Oct. 29- Nov. 2 in The Loft theater, University Theatre Building.