Student Legal Services can provide answers to questions on traffic cases ranging from minor traffic infractions to reckless driving to DUI.

For minor infractions, we often advise that students do not need to hire a lawyer to handle their case. We will walk a student through what traffic court looks like and give advice on how to best navigate the system.

If a student has a more serious traffic matter and need a lawyer, they may be able to hire a Student Legal Services attorney to represent them.

DMV consequences

If a student pays a ticket for or are otherwise convicted of a traffic offense, there are usually DMV consequences that result from the conviction, like points against their license. If someone gets enough points, their license will be suspended.

A person's license can also be taken away for other reasons, like driving with a certain amount of alcohol in their system, missing a court date or getting more than one Minor in Possession (MIP) conviction.

If a student thinks they might be in danger of losing your license, they should contact Student Legal Services about their situation. We can help students prepare for the hearing and they may be able hire us to represent them.