Published: April 4, 2023

Devin Cramer, acting dean of students and associate vice chancellor for student affairsWith finals coming up in a few weeks, some students may be feeling overwhelmed or more stressed than usual. This is common around this time of year, and it’s never too late to advocate for yourself if you need help.

Learning how to advocate for yourself and seeking out resources can help you grow and succeed not just at CU Boulder, but in life after college as well. Asking for help is not always easy, but I encourage you to take that step and find support. Here’s some advice for how to ask for help as we wrap up the academic year.

Identify your needs

Take a few moments to think about how you’re feeling and what you may need help with. Sometimes this can be easier if you write things out with a pen and paper, or talk it out with a trusted friend or family member. 

Needs you may identify could relate to academic support with finals coming up—maybe you’re struggling with a final project, not getting along with a classmate on a group project or need help with time management to get things done. Other things may include seeking support with health and wellness, resolving roommate conflict, finding a summer job or other needs. Clearly identifying these areas can help with figuring out your next step.

Use your resources

Once you’ve identified your needs, think about the tools and resources that are available to you. In addition to support resources on campus, there are many people in our campus community—myself included—who are here to support you and want to see you succeed. This can include your RA or hall director, TAs, faculty, staff, supervisors and more. 

Academic support

Health and wellness support

Financial, career and basic needs support

  • The Buff Pantry is an on-campus food pantry to support students experiencing food insecurity. Clients can visit the pantry once per week to receive food and personal care items.
  • On-campus student jobs offer flexibility and convenience. They are a great way to meet fellow Buffs and gain professional experience. Many campus departments are hiring student employees for the summer and fall 2023—check out current job openings.
  • If you’re seeking an internship or full-time job, Career Services has many resources for each step of your journey including resumes, searching and interviews. 

Conflict resolution support

Be considerate

This is a busy time of year for many of us on campus. If you need to reach out to someone for help, like your RA or one of your professors, I encourage you to be considerate when you’re advocating for yourself. Sometimes written communication (like emails or text messages) can be misinterpreted because it lacks the context of tone and body language, and your message might come off as more hostile or harsh than you intended. Depending on your need or request, be mindful of your message or consider setting up a time to speak in person instead.

As we near the end of the academic year, visit to learn about events, resources and additional support. Finish strong, Buffs—you got this!

Devin Cramer
Acting Dean of Students and Associate Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs