To begin, here's a little taste of what you can expect to see if you join the CU Freeskiing Team





The CU FreeSkiing Team came together to make a mixtape of the whole season. Riders in order of first appearance:

Condor O'Brien,Evan Furbeyre,Alexis Keeney,Alex Brown,Chris Weir,Karl Munthe,Beau Demmler,Jeremy Kaplan,Cole Kieffer,Mike Ashworth,Blake Peterson,Chris Frulla,Peter and Todd,Cody Potter,Jeremy Brown,Lewis Frazier,Katie Hitchcock,Michael Suleiman

CUFST Nationals 2015

Had the old crew in town for a day of filming in Park Lane. Riderz: Nick Pease, Peter Holtan, Niel Montgomery, and Billy Baum

Noah McCorkel Season Edit

Katie Hitchcock 14/15

Alex Nigeria Brown "At The Horn"

Evan Furbeyre 2014

Saga - "Out of the Box" Entry - Evan Furbeyre

Condor O'Brien 2013/2014

CUFST Throwback edit