As part of the Club Sports Program, CU Cycling receives limited financial and organizational support from the university. Unlike the sports that are part of the Athletic Department, CU Cycling is primarily self-financed and self-run. CU Cycling competes against schools with “varsity teams” that provide significantly more resources to their cycling programs, including scholarships.

With your support we can compete with the varsity programs and challenge for national championships.

Gear Donations

Many of our riders, especially those newer to cycling, do not have any specialized riding gear. This includes cold weather gear, rollers and trainers, cycling shoes, and even kit for training. We appreciate any donations of both new and used gear that allow us to support students as they progress further in cycling. 

Annual Donations 


Annual donations help cover race fees, equipment, travel costs, recruiting expenses, supplemental supplies, and other vital needs that cannot be covered by the club sports allowance but are essential to operating a first-class program. More...

CU Cycling Endowment

The CU Cycling Endowment provides a permanent source of income to support the cycling program. Annual income from gifts to the CU Cycling Endowment helps secure the future of the program ensuring student-athletes can pursue excellence for generations to come. For more information regarding endowment opportunities, contact

Are you a cycling-related company that would be interested in sponsoring the team? We are always looking for equipment and services that help the team perform at its highest level and meet its goals. We also want to partner with progressive Boulder and Colorado businesses that are not necessarily cycling-related. If you think the CU Cycling Team and your local business would be a good fit, let us know! Please direct inquires to

Summer Jobs & Internships

If you know of positions in your business or community that might be filled by a current student-athlete, please email