Published: May 12, 2016
the man
mug shot

This is Sepp Kuss, multi-time mountain bike XC national champion and winner of the Maverick Conference Championship road race

CU: Where are you from?

SK: Durango, Colorado

CU: What year are you? What’s your major?

SK: I’ll be a senior now finishing up my advertising degree

CU: What disciplines of cycling do you participate in for the team?

SK: Mountain is my main focus but I still do road as well

CU: How long have you been riding?

SK: I’ve been riding for 10 years

CU: What got you into cycling?

SK: The Durango Devo Jr. mountain bike program in Durango

CU: What is your favorite kind of racing? What is your favorite collegiate race?

SK: XC is my thing but I enjoy road races too. My favorite collegiate race is the CU Snowmass MTB race.

CU: What are your cycling ambitions?

SK: I'd like to take cycling as far as I can once I finish my degree. It's all about finding a balance.

CU: Are you sponsored by an outside team? If so, who?

SK: Gateway Harley Davidson / Trek

CU: What is your favorite part about Boulder as a city?

SK: There's always something to do. Boulder has a small town vibe, but doesn't feel small. There are so many different areas to explore.

CU: Biking is a big commitment time wise, how do you balance your academics and social life with cycling?

SK: I try to stay disciplined with my riding and schoolwork so I have more time for a social life. In the off season, social life and academics take priority over training.

CU: A lot of wise, successful cyclists live by a specific mantra… Do you have one?

SK: No excuses!

CU: If you could have lunch with anyone, who would it be and why?

SK: Peter Sagan. He seems like a cool guy.

CU: What's a fun fact about you?

SK: I speak German

CU: You would say you are a ___________ person

SK: Squirrel

CU: What’s your favorite music to ride to?

SK: I don't listen to music while riding.

CU: What’s one thing you never ride without?

SK: Saddle bag with tube, pump, tools, etc.

CU: What bikes do you currently ride?

SK: Trek Emonda

CU: What were some of your goals for the past season?

SK: To gain experience in road racing and shoot for results whenever I can.

CU: Thanks for taking the time to talk! Anything else you want to say?

SK: Find me on Twitter and Instagram: @seppkuss