iochrominaeThe Solanaceae family numbers roughly 2800 species, and that number is still growing as botanists around the world continue to discover and describe new species. This expanding species diversity means that phylogeneticists are always busy adding new tips to the family tree and working to align taxonomic classification with evolutionary history. Our lab contributes to both of these aspects of systematics -- describing new species of Solanaceae and understanding their relationship with other species. Stacey's systematic work focuses on Iochroma and its relatives (the clade Iochrominae, left), and Julia studies the Datureae clade (Datura, Brugmansia plus one lost Iochroma). These efforts are highly collaborative, and we work closely with botanists in many Latin American countries to explore and document this fascinating family of plants. You can see some of our collaborators and amazing field discoveries here!


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