EBIO 3590: Plants and Society
     This writing intensive course examines how humans and plants have shaped each other's history. 2016 Syllabus2014 Syllabus

EBIO 4290/5290: Phylogenetics and Comparative Biology
     This course provides an introduction to tree-thinking and applications of molecular phylogenetic approaches in systematics and evolutionary biology.  2015 Syllabus  2014 Syllabus

EBIO 6300 Graduate Seminar: Phylogenetic comparative methods
     This graduate seminar explores the myriad applications of phylogenetic methods to questions in ecology and evolutionary biology. 2013 Syllabus

EBIO 6300 Graduate Seminar: Evolutionary Genomics
     This graduate seminar focuses on hot topics in genomic approaches to the study of evolution. Co-taught with Flaxman, Kane, Safran, and Tripp.