onion skin cells     Outreach and teaching materials

Course materials for 3590 Plants and Society at the CU Science Education Initiative

Educational plant colors poster by J. Dupin: click for the jpg or pdf versions
(contact Julia for a higher resolution version)

Anthocyanin pigment extraction with grocery store ingredients! by J. Dupin: click here for protocol

Educational video: Traditional uses of Thelesperma megapotamicum (Navajo Tea), including dyeing, by C. Yazzie with advising by C. Pretz, 2020 (funded by NSF #1553114)

Educational video: Exploring native carnivorous plants in North Carolina, by M. Oxendine and S. Liu, 2020 (funded by NSF #1553114)

Educational video: Basics of phylogenetics, by C. Jacobs with advising by J. Harris, 2020 (funded by NSF #1553114)

Educational video: What makes an eggplant black, by J. Zhao, 2021 (funded by NSF #1553114)


potato plasts     Lab Protocols

Flavonoid profiling with UPLC-MS by A. Berardi, 2015 (funded by EDEN)

Collecting reflectance spectra, video by C. Pretz & A. Dunbar-Wallis, 2020 (funded by NSF #1553114)

Extracting flavonoid aglycones with acid hydrolysis, video by C. Pretz & A. Dunbar-Wallis, 2020 (funded by NSF #1553114)   

Measuring absorbance spectra flavonoid aglycones with HPLC, video by C. Pretz & A. Dunbar-Wallis, 2020 (funded by NSF #1553114


     Student Grantspetalcells

A great list of grants for student research compiled by the BSA for the Plant Science Bulletin           

The Soltis lab webpage of grants       

Grants from the CU Graduate School and the CU Museum


     DEI resources

EBIO's Diversity and Inclusion pages

BSA's list of papers for future leaders