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This reminder was also shared in the CU Boulder Today student edition on Feb. 19, 2024 (view newsletter).

As required by federal law, CU Boulder is committed to protecting your personal information. If you want to give a parent or other third party (e.g., guardian, spouse, sponsor or health provider) access to those records, complete the necessary authorizations as outlined below.

Your tuition and fee bill

You may authorize a third party to view your tuition bill and pay online, sign up for payment plans, receive email notifications about the bill, and discuss the bill (but not financial aid) with Bursar’s Office staff by email, phone and in person. To learn more, see Access to CUBill&Pay – Authorize Payers and What Does Authorized Payer Access Mean?

Your education records

To allow a third party to access your academic and/or financial record, complete one or both of the following authorizations.

  • FERPA consent to release: Allow an authorized third party to contact the university on your behalf and discuss your academic and/or financial records by phone, LiveChat, email or in person. We'll confirm their identity by asking them to provide the authorization phrase you established for them. To learn more, see FERPA Consent to Release.
  • CU guest access: Allow a designated third party to log in to the CU record system for read-only access to select items in your education record. To learn more, see CU Guest Access.

Your health record

A confidential health record is created for you after your first visit with Medical Services and/or Counseling and Psychiatric Services (CAPS). Allow a family member or other health care provider to access your record by completing one or both of the following authorizations in your MyCUHealth portal. Select the “Forms” tab at the top of the portal and complete either or both of the following:

  • Authorization to Release Health Information: Release your medical information to yourself or another person/clinic. Record requests will be processed within 30 days.
  • Authorization to Verbally Disclose Health Information: Allow a family member or other health care provider to speak with Medical Services and/or CAPS.

To learn more, see Notice of Privacy Practices.