Student records, including financial information, are protected by federal privacy laws. There are three types of access you should consider getting while your student attends CU Boulder.

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Authorized Payer Access

Authorized payer access to CUBill&Pay allows parents, family members and others (up to 5 people total) access to:

  • view the same billing information that the student sees and pay the tuition bill online;
  • sign up for payment plans online;
  • receive email notifications about the bill; and
  • discuss the bill, but not financial aid (see FERPA Consent to Release below), with Bursar's Office staff by email, phone and in person. Staff will verify your identity by asking for your full name and the email address associated with your authorized payer account. 

If authorized payers have more than one student attending CU Boulder, each student needs to provide authorized payer access separately. Find out how to give parents and family members Authorized Payer Access.

Guest Access 

We also recommend Guest Access so that parents/family members can see selections that affect the university bill. Guest Access gives read-only, online access to specific educational information. In terms of billing information, Guest Access provides access to:

  • view the class schedule;
  • view holds;
  • view and download the 1098-T Tax Form (social security number is removed);
  • view your student's College Opportunity Fund (COF) selections, if applicable;
  • view your student's health insurance plan (SHIP) selection (must be selected every year).

Learn more about CU Guest Access

FERPA Consent to Release

We also recommend the FERPA Consent to Release so that you can discuss financial aid by email, phone and in person, if applicable. Learn more about the FERPA Consent to Release.