This Global Intensive is available to students who have already taken PRLC 2820 or COEN 3050, OR who enroll in COEN 3050 (3 credit hours) Complex Leadership Challenges in Spring 2019. 

This 1-credit course takes place in May but is part of your Spring 2019 schedule and applies to your Spring 2019 tuition/fees and financial aid. (Think of this as an optional global experience that is "tacked on" to the Spring ENLP 3100 class and also available to people who have already taken Multi).

Please read the information below and contact Angela Thieman Dino ( with questions or to enroll.

COEN 4000 Global Intensive: Complex Leadership Challenges - International Development in East Africa

Spring 2019; 1-credit hour; Maymester delivery but scheduled into spring schedule

Instructor:  Angela Thieman Dino, Ph.D.

Course Description:  This 1-credit Global Intensive augments ENLP3100  Complex Leadership Challenges, extending this semester-long course to include a ten day immersion experience in Uganda and Rwanda.  With an interdisciplinary lens on international development, this Global Intensive engages students in individualized learning experiences that expose them to varieties of perspectives from diverse stakeholders working in areas of health, education, economic development and public management.

Eligibility: Students are eligible to apply for a place in this Global Intensive if they are taking COEN 3050 in Spring 2019, OR if they have taken COEN 3050 Complex Leadership Challlenges OR PRLC 2820 Multi-Level Issues in Leadership in the past. 

Enrollment:  To request a spot in COEN 4000 or COEN 3050, contact Ang at  Enrollment is by instructor permission only and students will be unable to register themselves online. This Global Intensive is an optional opportunity for students in ENLP 3100, so even if you have already notified Jessie that you want to enroll in ENLP 3100 (3 credit class), you still need to inform Ang that you want to enroll in COEN 4000 (1-credit Global Intensive). I.e. Ang does not assume that everyone in COEN 3050 wants to enroll in the Global Intensive.

Dates: May 13-May 23 in Uganda and Rwanda (allow 1-2 days of travel time before and after).  Some preparation will be required in advance of the trip.

Itinerary:  A draft itinerary and links to information about our host organization, the Global Livingston Institute is available here.

Cost: Budget is receiving final approval and cost break-down will be available ASAP.  We are estimating total cost (including airfare) to be around $4400.   FINANCIAL AID IS AVAILABLE.  Contact Ang ( about how we can make this affordable for you!  Do not worry if you cannot commit to the trip until you know precisely how much assistance you will receive;  still let Ang know ASAP that you want to enroll in the Global Intensive so that she can save your spot and help you find additional assistance.

Additional opportunities:  Students wishing to stay longer in the region, after the completion of the Global Intensive, will be assisted in finding internships, volunteer or research opportunities and accommodations.