To educate our undergraduate students and create a welcoming and safe environment, the University of Colorado Boulder requires all incoming students to complete two OIEC educational programs, Community Equity and Effective Bystander Intervention. All new (first-year and transfer) undergraduate students must complete each requirement in order to register for their second semester classes.

Community Equity

This online course through Canvas covers university policy, processes, and resources for addressing sexual misconduct, and protected-class discrimination and harassment. 

Complete Community Equity

Effective Bystander Intervention

Anyone who needs real-time captioning or sign language interpreting services, must email Disability Services 72 hours in advance of the session and indicate the date, time, and location of the session. Disability Services will email with instructions on how to proceed.

What does this training cover and what do students need to bring?

This training is required for all new (first-year and transfer) undergraduate students at CU Boulder to attend once arriving on campus. The session explores factors that promote or prevent helping behavior, and provides opportunities to practice skills for intervening effectively in real-world situations. Please bring your Buff OneCard to ensure you receive credit for attending.

Students will complete the training in August during Fall Welcome. A full list of sessions will be posted by August 15, 2020. Please check back for more information. Please note: this training is required to complete when you arrive to campus for the fall semester. It does not impact registration for your first semester classes.

Did you miss the bystander training that was held during Spring Welcome? Please email OIEC training for more information.

Questions about the bystander training requirement? Please email OIEC training for assistance.