CU Boulder requires all employees (faculty, staff, and student staff) and affiliates to complete the required OIEC training on Discrimination and Sexual Misconduct every three years after initial completion when new to the Boulder campus. Some departments require employees to complete the training more frequently.

Emeritus faculty who have any contact with employees or students, even if only for research purposes, are required to complete the training.

Please note: Due to new federal regulations, CU Boulder will be adopting a new Sexual Misconduct, Intimate Partner Violence, and Stalking policy on August 14, 2020. All CU staff and faculty will be required to complete the online policy training again between August 3, 2020 and September 18, 2020 regardless of when they previously completed the training. 

Online Training

Select the Boulder campus and after logging in, the course will automatically load in a separate window. The course title is "Discrimination and Sexual Misconduct, CU Boulder and System." After successfully passing the course, it takes approximately 3 business days for the score to be reflected in an employee’s training record.

First: Check Browser Compatibility
Before launching the online course, it's important to check your browser compatibility to help avoid any issues. If the browser is not compatible, Skillsoft may crash and you would then need to restart the course. To check browser compatibility, visit the Skillsoft Help page under the Troubleshooting and Contacts tab.

Complete the online training