Alexander Technique Plus (AT+) returns in summer 2023

Register for Alexander Technique Plus (AT+) 2023

The AT+ program we initiated in 2021 has proven to be very popular with participants. It is an experience that includes significant aspects of the Alexander Technique, Body Mapping, movement, mindfulness and psychology—all in the service of inclusive well-being. We have continued to enrich our in-person experience with satisfying results.

For 2023, the AT+ team will include Amy Likar (DMA in flute and Director of Training for the Association for Body Mapping Education), Matthew Tomatz (embedded psychotherapist to the College of Music) and James Brody (Director of the Musicians’ Wellness Program at the CU Boulder College of Music).

Likar and Tomatz will call on their decades of experience with musicians and the general community to provide effective strategies for efficient movement and thinking. Using an integrative approach, Tomatz will present daily sessions that will deepen the program through mindfulness, yoga, breath practices and performance psychology. As always, we encourage Master of Music Education students to join us for guidance on how to bring these powerful tools into your classrooms.

Where: Imig Music Building, University of Colorado Boulder

When: July 10-14, 2023

Time: Daily, 9 a.m.-noon 

Tuition: $350 ($300 discount for seniors + students)

Graduate credit: One graduate-level credit is available for the five-day course through CU Boulder Continuing Education for an additional $90/hour.

Registration: Contact James Brody (, 303-908-4279) for more information or to reserve a place in the course. Join us in beautiful Boulder!