Thank you for your interest in the CU Boulder College of Music flute studio!  

Some tips to finding your flute home:

  • Do your research! Explore the offerings of both the school and the teacher. In a flute studio it’s all about finding the right fit, both for the student and the teacher.
  • Attend masterclasses, summer programs lessons and performances of your prospective professor.
  • Ask questions and always stay in professional contact with the professor. When in doubt, err on the side of formality.
  • Prepare early and completely the repertoire for the audition.
  • Consider memorization.
  • Consider writing your own cadenza for your Mozart Concerto.
  • Apply to a range of schools.

Remember that the audition process is like a ping-pong match full of serves, volleys and fun!

Please enjoy this beautiful article written by my Juilliard professor, Jeanne Baxtresser. Colorado flutists, visit the flute studio page for helpful information.

All undergraduate applicants must apply to the University of Colorado and complete a College of Music Admission Application. Applications may be obtained online through the Admissions section. Undergraduate auditions will not be scheduled until both applications have been received. Graduate students need only complete the graduate application.

For information on applying for our ensembles, visit the ensembles section.