Welcome to the Eklund Opera Theater Singers (OTS) at the University of Colorado Boulder College of Music!

The OTS is the outreach extension of the Eklund Opera Program. Specializing in education, community and audience engagement, as well as student recruitment and donor awareness, the OTS is a select group of graduate students enrolled in the College of Music’s voice + opera program. Through their devotion to outreach, passionate love of performance and strong desire to connect to the community, they serve to increase awareness and provide a strengthened and united community of opera and arts lovers.

The OTS perform at various educational and outreach opportunities across Colorado, and serve the CU Boulder campus by performing at sporting and arts events, and at chancellor events. 

Meet the performers

Camila Rabelo, soprano 
Alice Del Simone, soprano 
Jenna Clark, mezzo soprano 
Simeon Wallace, tenor 
Miguel Bañales, tenor 
Adam Wells, baritone 

Jeremy Reger, director + pianist