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The Eklund Opera Theater Singers are the outreach extension of the Eklund Opera Program. Specializing in education, community and audience engagement, student recruitment, and donor awareness, the Opera Theater Singers (OTS) is a selected group of graduate students enrolled in the Vocal Program at the University of Colorado, Boulder. Through their devotion to outreach, passionate love of performance, and desire to connect to the community, they serve to increase awareness and provide a strengthened and united community of arts and opera lovers. They perform at various educational and outreach opportunities across Colorado, as well as serve the CU campus by performing at sporting events, arts events and chancellor events. 

Meet the Performers

Erin Hodgson, soprano
Christine Honein, soprano
Anna Whiteway, soprano
Claire McCahan, mezzo-soprano
Rebecca Myers, mezzo-soprano
Bryce Bartu, tenor
David Starry, tenor
Dominic Aragon, baritone
Zachary Bryant, baritone
Skyler Schlenker, baritone

Dr. Jeremy Reger, Director + Pianist
Dr. Leigh Holman, Stage Director