opera theater singers 2015

The Eklund Opera Theater Singers are the outreach and education, donor awareness and fund-raising extension of the Eklund Opera Program at CU Boulder. Through their devotion to outreach and passionate love of performance they serve to increase awareness and provide a strengthened and united community of arts and opera lovers. They perform at various educational and outreach opportunities across Colorado, as well as serve the CU campus by performing at sporting events, arts events and chancellor events. OTS is made up of Performance Certificate students as well as other graduate students in the voice performance program at the University of Colorado Boulder College of Music

Meet the Performers

Alicia Baker, Soprano
Katia Kotcherguina, Soprano
Nadya Hill, Soprano
Neila Getz, Soprano
Katheryne Baker, Mezzo Soprano
Claire McCahan, Mezzo Soprano
Michael Hoffman, Tenor
Jacob Baker, Tenor
Josh DeVane, Baritone
Jesse Enderle, Baritone
Dr. Jeremy Reger, Pianist
Chris Martin, Administrator
Dr. Leigh Holman, Director

Opera Theater Singers Events

Tuesday, Oct. 4
Denver Lyric Opera Guild

Thursday, Oct. 6
Frasier Meadows
Sunday, Oct. 16
College of Music Scholarship Dinner
Friday, Oct. 21
Opening Night Reception at Paul Eklund event
Wednesday, Nov. 9-Saturday, Oct. 12
Various performances in Aspen
Friday, Nov. 18
Perform National Anthem before women's volleyball game at Coors Events Center
Saturday, Jan. 21
Perform at graduate voice auditions
Sunday, Feb. 19
Eklund Opera Program Annual Gala
Saturday, April 8
West Side Live in Golden