Graduate - Research-Based (MS/PhD)

Any student currently enrolled in a graduate degree program offered by the College of Engineering and Applied Science at the University of Colorado Boulder may apply for concurrent enrollment in the Graduate Certificate in Engineering for Developing Communities (EDC)

Prospective graduate students interested in completing a traditional research-based MS or PhD program within Civil, Environmental, and Architectural Engineering (CEAE) along with a Graduate Certificate in Engineering for Developing Communities™ should select their degree program (Civil, Environmental, or Architectural Engineering; MS or PHD) and must clearly note their interest in completing the EDC graduate certificate coursework within their statement of purpose (as described in the Admission Requirements section of the application process on the CEAE website). Research opportunities in EDC topics may be limited and, therefore, individual groups may have additional requirements for EDC track admission or degree completion.

Degree Requirements

The CEAE Department now offers three separate degrees:  Civil Engineering, Environmental Engineering, and Architectural Engineering.

Details about the Civil and Architectural MS and PhD degree programs are available here.  Details about the MS and PhD degree programs in environmental engineering are available here. Please refer to the website that describes each of the particular focus areas for details.

It is up to the student's academic advisor to determine which, if any, of the Graduate Certificate in EDC courses will count towards the student's degree program. 

How do I apply for an MS or PhD degree and the Graduate Certificate in EDC?

To apply for an MS or PhD, students should follow this process on the university's online application:

  1. Select GRADUATE degree (as career),
  3. then CIVIL (MS or PHD), ENVIRONMENTAL (MS or PHD) or  ARCHITECTURAL ENGINEERING (MS or PHD)  (as field of study as desired),
  4. the semester of desired admission, and finally
  5. reiterate your intent to apply to the Master's or Doctoral level program.