• Marcos Mazari-Armida received the 2021 Sacks Prize of the Association for Symbolic Logic for his PhD thesis Remarks on classification theory for abstract elementary classes with applications to abelian group theory and ring theory.
    The Sacks Prize is awarded annually for the most outstanding doctoral dissertation in mathematical logic. This is an international prize, with no restriction on the nationality of the candidate or the university where the doctorate is granted.
  • Jeanne Clelland and her collaborators Beth Malmskog and Flavia Sancier-Barbosa at Colorado College and Daryl DeFord at Washington State University analyze the resdistricting of Colorado using ensemble analysis. See details in this article and the research team's reports on the congressional and state legislative districts on their website.CO precinct map with dual graph
  • The Math Department welcomes our new PostDocs in Fall 2021:

    Menevse Eryuzlu completed her PhD at Arizona State University in 2021. Her mathematical research centers on C*-algebras, more specifically C*-correspondences and their Toeplitz and Cuntz-Pimsner algebras.

    Padi Fuster Aguilera is a 2021 PhD graduate from Tulane University under the direction of Kyle Zhao and Vincent Martinez. Padi's research interests are Partial Differential Equations and Riemannian Geometry.

    Marcos Mazari-Armida received his PhD at Carnegie Mellon University in 2021 under the direction of Rami Grossberg. His research interests are abstract elementary classes and their applications to the model theory of abelian groups and modules.


    James Rickards is a 2021 PhD graduate from McGill University under the supervision of Henri Darmon. His research interests are in algebraic and computational number theory.

  • Kyle Luh received an Ralph E. Powe Junior Faculty Enhancement Award from the Oak Ridge Associated Universities (ORAU) in June 2021.
    The awards recognize faculty members for their work in any of five science and technology disciplines: engineering or applied science; life sciences; mathematics and computer science; physical sciences; and policy, management or education.
  • Katherine Stange and Jonathan Wise have been named 2021 Simons Fellows in Mathematics. They are among 40 mathematicians nationwide to win this recognition this year, which supports academic leaves for research. Katherine Stange plans to spend her sabbatical studying the arithmetic of Apollonian circle packings and Kleinian groups, as well as topics in Diophantine approximation and post-quantum cryptography. Jonathan Wise will study moduli spaces of algebraic curves and abelian varieties using techniques from logarithmic and tropical geometry. For more details on their work and plans see this article in the Colorado Arts and Science Magazine.