Do I have an advisor? 

The undergraduate advisor for the Department of Linguistics is Raphael Angoulvant. He advises on core and graduation requirements. He does not advise for course registration as outlined here, and cannot lift advising holds. He may be reached at

Professor Kira Hall is the Associate Chair of Undergraduate Studies and Professor Rebecca Scarborough is the Associate Chair of Graduate Studies, both of whom may be consulted with questions about programs. 

Where is my TA’s office?

Your TA’s office location should be indicated on the course syllabus, on the departmental website and posted in the hallway outside of the main office in Hellems 290.

I’m supposed to turn a paper into a mailbox in the department. Where are they?

The departmental mailboxes for the graduate students who serve as TAs and GPTIs are located in the departmental corridor directly across the hall from the main office in Hellems 290. Faculty mailboxes are located inside the main office in Hellems 290.

I’ve heard about the major tracks. What are they and how do I add a major track to my degree? 

In addition to the general Linguistics major, the Linguistics Department offers four specialized major tracks for undergraduates. The major tracks are: Computational Linguistics; Language and Cognition; Sociocultural, Anthropological and Linguistics; and Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages. These tracks allow students to tailor their major coursework to better reflect their specific interest within the field of linguistics. Detailed information may be found here

Contact Raphael Angoulvant, the undergraduate advisor for Linguistics at to add a track to your degree plan.

How do I apply for the BAM program?

The Linguistics Department offers a Bachelor’s Accelerated Master’s program for students with strong abilities and motivations. A student in this program begins graduate coursework as part of the BA and continues on after receiving the BA to complete the MA in one additional year. Consultation with Professor Rebecca Scarborough, the Associate Chair of Graduate Studies, is recommended, if interested in applying.

Detailed information about the program can be found here.

How can I enroll in a graduate level Linguistics course as an undergraduate?

The registration system will block registration of a student with an undergraduate status from enrolling in a graduate level course.  An undergraduate wishing to enroll in a graduate level course should contact the instructor of the course to request permission to enroll in the course. If permission is granted and if the LING Education Program Assistant is notified by the instructor, he can enroll you in the graduate course.