• Investigators: Wil Srubar, Joseph Kasprzyk, Leah Sprain
  • Funding Agency: National Science Foundation
  • Amount: $598,745
  • Period: 7/2016 – 6/2019
  • Support: 1 graduate student for duration of project, 1 month summer support per year


The project addresses the challenge that conventional design of concrete mixtures employs time-intensive, trial-and-error approaches that do not offer optimal performing designs.  We will define, formulate, and link mathematical models that relate concrete mixture proportions to concrete performance, linking the models with multi-objective optimization.  The project will involve industry professionals in the development and testing of the methodology through interactive workshops, taking advantage of a collaboration with a communication sciences professor.

Mikaela DeRousseauPhD student Mikaela DeRousseau is funded on this project.