Prof Joseph KasprzykWelcome to the research website of Joseph Kasprzyk, associate professor in the Civil Environmental and Architectural Engineering (CEAE) Department at the University of Colorado Boulder. My research group focuses on multi-objective decision making and model diagnostics for engineering problems. Areas of focus include water resources planning and management, environmental engineering applications, and advancing methodological contributions to decision making and optimization under uncertainty. Some of our current research projects include robust decision making for the Colorado River Basin, improving understanding of the relationship between water allocations and thermoelectric power generation, and using machine learning and hydrologic modeling to support drought planning. We recently completed projects on decision support for water treatment under climate extremes, an analysis of how multi-objective optimization can be used operationally in Front Range Colorado water planning, and a new optimization framework for sustainable materials design. Methods used in the research range from high performance computing with millions of simulation model runs, machine learning and other simulation techniques, and interactive workshops with diverse groups of water managers and stakeholder. Before coming to CU, I completed the BS, MS, and PhD degrees from Penn State University, where I was advised by Patrick Reed, now at Cornell University.

Information about group members, publications, and research projects can be found here. I've also created advice for prospective graduate students, both for my research group and in my role as graduate committee representative for the Hydrology, Water Resources, and Environmental Fluid Mechanics within CEAE.