MLDOrganic or hybrid organic-inorganic films can be grown using molecular layer deposition (MLD) using organic precursors or a combination of organic and inorganic precursors [1].  We have pioneered the growth of hybrid organic-inorganic films and demonstrated that ALD/MLD alloys can exhibit tunable mechanical, electrical and optical properties [2].  The pyrolysis of hybrid organic-inorganic films can also form conducting metal oxide-carbon composite films [3,4]. 

Our current work is focused on the use of MLD films to protect silicon anodes in Li ion batteries [5,6].  This research is performed in collaboration with Dr. Chunmei Ban at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) and Prof. Sehee Lee in Mechanical Engineering.  The mechanical properties of the MLD films can accommodate the large expansion and contraction of silicon during charging and discharging.  We are also working on the deposition of all-organic MLD films using spatial ALD methods.  These all-organic MLD films have applications for desalination by reverse osmosis and for interlayers in Al2O3 ALD/polymer MLD multilayers for gas diffusion barriers. 

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