High Capacity MnO2ALD is ideal for coating high surface area electrodes with either protective films or active charge-storage films.  We were the first to demonstrate that ALD protective films on either the cathode or anode electrode can dramatically improve the capacity of Li ion batteries [1,2].  This research was performed in collaboration with Prof. Sehee Lee in Mechanical Engineering and the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL).  Metal oxide charge-storage films coated on electrically conducting electrodes have also been used to fabricate high energy storage Li ion batteries [3,4].

We are also working on metal oxide charge-storage films on electrically conducting electrodes for supercapacitors.  The charge-storage capacity of MnO2 has been examined in collaboration with Prof. Charles Musgrave in Chemical Engineering using density functional theory (DFT) methods [5].  Experimental work has also confirmed that MnO2 has a high Na+ charge storage capacity [6].  We are hopeful that Na+ charge storage in MnO2 can also be useful for water desalination using capacitive deionization (CDI).

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