Latest Results

"Three-Dimensional Microscale Imaging and Measurement of Soft Material Contact Interfaces Under Quasi-Static Normal Indentation and Shear" is now published in Langmuir.

Our interdisciplinary research is focused on medical mechatronics and surgical robotic systems, design and control - with a specific emphasis on translation from bench to bedside. These efforts include design of novel surgical tools and devices, characterization and modeling of how these tools and devices interact with the patient, and design and control optimization based on these models. Research areas include surgical robotic-assist devices, surgical tools, medical devices, and non-invasive sensory measurement devices.

Active research projects are focused on 3D micropatterned material mechanics; robotic capsule endoscopy design, intelligence, dynamics, and control; synthetic, distributed sensing, soft and modular tissue (sTISSUE); and an intelligence-driven patient care approach to reduce medical errors (I-CARE).