Nicotine & Tobacco Research Cover
IBG summer student Christine Adjanbga publishes in Nicotine & Tobacco Research

Nov. 17, 2020

IBG summer student Christine Adjanbga, advised by Luke Evans, published a paper finding that the genetic effect on smoking heaviness is not moderated by age of smoking initiation in Nicotine & Tobacco Research .

John Hewitt portrait
Interview with IBG director John Hewitt in Biology and Life

Oct. 12, 2020

John Hewitt chats about his career and controversies in behavior genetics with Biology and Life writer, Andrew Cooper-Sansone.

Chandra Reynolds and Sally Wadsworth portraits
CATSLife receives $11 million in new funding to study lifespan behavioral development and cognitive aging

Sept. 23, 2020

Prof. Chandra Reynolds (UC Riverside) and IBG Senior Research Associate Sally Wadsworth have been awarded $11,310,764 to expand their study of the Colorado Adoption Project (CAP) and the Longitudinal Twin Study (LTS) for five more years ( R01 AG046938 ). The expanded study will also include the UK Twins Early...

Marissa Ehringer portrait
Ehringer lab publishes on whole-genome sequence comparison between High and Low Open-Field Activity mice to narrow genes for anxiety-related behaviors

Sept. 17, 2020

Thomas, A.L., Evans, L.M., Nelsen, M.D. et al. Whole-Genome Sequencing of Inbred Mouse Strains Selected for High and Low Open-Field Activity. Behav Genet (2020).

Christian Hopfer portrait
Christian Hopfer, John Hewitt, Scott Vrieze, and Matt McGue to study impact of COVID-19

Sept. 15, 2020

Faculty Fellows Christian Hopfer, John Hewitt (IBG Director), and Scott Vrieze, along with Prof. Matt McGue, have been awarded a supplementary grant to study effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on substance use and mental health in their ongoing twin study of recreational marijuana legalization (R01DA042755-S1). They will assess how the...