Students walking across CU campusThe International Affairs Program is strongly committed to creating a community that feels inclusive and supportive for people from all backgrounds and identities. Our curriculum is built on global approaches and understandings of the world from multiple perspectives. Here at CU, we strive to help all our constituents find support and connection. We are responding to CU Boulder's IDEA Plan (Inclusion, Diversity, and Excellence in Academics), and some of our initiatives and priorites are listed below.

  • IAFS statement on DREAMers and undocumented students and staff: IAFS stands with undocumented students, staff, and their families at CU Boulder. We have DACA and ASSET UndocuAllies among our staff and faculty.
  • LGBTQ+ Safe Zone: IAFS has trained allies among staff and faculty, who are part of the Ally Network on campus.
  • Inclusive Cluster Hiring Proposal, Social Sciences: Racial equality touches on many aspects of social sciences (and other divisions). Our cluster hire has focused on racial equality as a sociological phenomenon as well as a political objective. This proposal had united support in the division, across departments and disciplines.
  • Global Grants Scholarship: Our scholarship initiative supports study abroad and intercultural communication, and our selection criteria emphasize study abroad programs in Africa, Latin America, the Middle East, and Asia.
  • Off-Campus Experience (OCE): Our OCE requirement for the IAFS major fosters community engagement, service, and citizenship in the local CU Boulder community and the world. 
  • IAFS Mentorship Program: Our mentorship program connects our students with alumni mentors with diverse backgrounds and experiences.
  • Partnership(s) with Disability Services: We work closely with Disability Services on accomodations for students and training for faculty.
  • IAFS Inclusive Excellence: In 2016, the faculty, students, and staff of the International Affairs Program created the IAFS Inclusive Excellence document, based on meetings and surveys. This document outlined the program's shared values in our community and in the classroom, including our work with global issues of justice and representation. You can read the IAFS Inclusive Excellence document here.

We have a collection of DEI resources which are available through CU and other organizations.

DEI Resources