The History Department offers history students (majors and minors) the opportunity to explore history outside of the classroom through a range of internship experiences. Types of internships may vary, but all students will link their on-site experience to their study of history through reflection-based assignments. Students wishing to enroll for credit will work with the the Internship Director, Professor Ciarlo, to learn about, apply for and be matched with individualized experiential learning opportunities. Internship opportunities can take place in museums, archives, research libraries, historical associations, schools, businesses, government agencies, and other public entities or special projects. These may be based on the CU Boulder campus or outside of the University, locally or in other cities or states. Students who locate opportunities on their own may, with prior approval, request to enroll in the course and earn credit.

Summer 2024 Internships

Fall 2024 Internships

External Internships Fall 2024

Benefits of an Internship

  • Understand how academic training as a historian can be applied in professional workplaces.
  • Gain professional-level workplace experience that draws upon skills and perspectives students are learning concurrently in their study of history.
  • Participate in projects that allow the intern to practice these skills.
  • Reflect upon the application of historical skills, training, perspectives, and habits of mind in contexts outside of the classroom or academia.
  • Relate their generalized study of history to their educational interests and/or post-graduation options.

Department Policies

  • Internships are available to history majors and minors with a minimum of junior standing (60+ credits) and an overall GPA of 3.0 or higher.
  • Interns are typically expected to work 8-10 hours/per week for a total of 120-150 hours to receive 3 credit hours.
  • Internship credit will count toward the history major/minor as a 4000-level elective course.
  • A maximum of 6 internship credit hours may be applied to the history major and a maximum of 9 internship credit hours may be applied to a degree in the College of Arts and Sciences. 
  • Internships are offered on a pass/fail grading basis only. Courses offered on a mandatory pass/fail grading basis do not count toward the maximum number of pass/fail credits a student can apply to a degree in the College of Arts and Sciences.
  • To receive credit, all internships must have prior approval. Credit will not be given retroactively. Registration for internship credit must be completed by the second week of classes in a given semester.
  • Internship approval is at the discretion of the Undergraduate Studies Director.
  • The History Department also supports internship credit through the CU in DC and Education Abroad programs; those students will still work with a History faculty advisor, but should consult the sponsoring program which may have additional/differing policies.