Medical Services offers telehealth visits for some medical conditions. Patients can schedule in-person or telehealth appointments.

Schedule your telehealth appointment

What is telehealth?

Simply put, telehealth is health care services provided over a technology platform, rather than in-person. Some of our primary care services and all of our physical therapy and nutrition services are now provided as telehealth appointments. 

Telehealth appointments use secure video sessions and are fully compliant with HIPAA guidelines to protect students’ privacy.

Insurance and telehealth

For students who have the CU Gold Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP), telehealth is a covered service for students who are in Colorado. Students who are currently outside of Colorado should call the medical clinic at 303-492-5432 or physical therapy and integrative care at 303-492-6280, and our staff can provide them with options.

For students who have third party insurance, we recommend calling your insurance and asking if telehealth is a covered service. Follow up by specifically asking if the service you are interested in is covered. For example, you can ask, “Is physical therapy via telehealth covered by my insurance?”  

Preparing for a telehealth appointment

To make the most of telehealth appointments, students should have access to a camera, microphone and high-speed internet. A phone and/or computer works just fine. A quiet space, free of distractions is ideal. Turning off any other video streaming is recommended for an optimal connection.