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Last semester, CU Boulder Health and Wellness Services launched a new employee wellness program known as WorkWell. Here are four things you should know about this new wellness program. 

1. What is WorkWell? 

WorkWell helps oversee a variety of health and wellness programs that are aimed at supporting staff and faculty and fostering a sense of belonging on campus. Our team is dedicated to building and sustaining an environment that supports the well-being of all staff and faculty. When we WorkWell, we have the opportunity to thrive and flourish mentally, physically, emotionally and socially. 

2. What does WorkWell offer for staff and faculty? 

WorkWell coordinates services and events within Health and Wellness Services on campus. They also partner with other departments across campus to provide robust wellness opportunities for staff and faculty.  

Annual campus events 
WorkWell coordinates and sponsors annual events like the Employee Benefits and Wellness Fair as well as the Health and Wellness Summit.  

WorkWell also partners with an array of on-campus partners to help promote employee-specific wellness programs. These types of programs include: 

  • Staff and faculty acupuncture and massage services from Medical Services at Wardenburg Health Center 
  • Workshops hosted by the Faculty and Staff Assistance Program (FSAP) 
  • Employee-only fitness classes at the Rec Center 

WorkWell Wagon 
WorkWell provides outreach services campus-wide and for individual units and teams on campus. You can drop by WorkWell Wagon events across campus or schedule an event for your team. All Wellness Wagon events are centered around boosting personal and collective wellness for staff and faculty through a variety of activities. 

3. How can you benefit from WorkWell? 

WorkWell is here to increase awareness and utilization of wellness programs, events and services for staff and faculty. Taking advantage of these opportunities and support services can help you and your team improve work-life balance, network and connect with other staff and faculty, increase engagement and connect with services related to the eight dimensions of wellness. 

4. How can you get involved? 

Staff and faculty can get involved in a number of free activities and events. Here are a few to check out. Shape


The Faculty and Staff Assistance Program (FSAP) provides free workshops to help staff and faculty find support and improve their wellness. Workshop topics include sleep, healthy eating, support groups, parenting, estate planning, homebuying, retirement planning and more. 

Yoga classes

The Rec Center offers free yoga classes for staff and faculty of all levels. Participants are welcome to borrow a yoga mat or bring their own. Registration is required for each class.


Medical Services offers paid acupuncture services for staff and faculty, including individual acupuncture ($60/session) and group acupuncture ($15/session). 


Medical Services provides paid massage services for staff and faculty. You can schedule a massage appointment with a licensed massage therapist or a Boulder Massage Therapy Institute intern at a discounted rate.

WorkWell Wagons

Stop by one of the upcoming WorkWell Wagon events on campus this month. You can also use this link to schedule a WorkWell wagon for your team or unit. 

WorkWell on Microsoft Teams

To get timely updates or connect with other wellness-minded faculty and staff, join WorkWell on Teams.

Employee Benefits Fairs

Join an Employee Benefits Fair to learn about wellness resources on campus and in the community that are available to support staff and faculty.

... and more

For a full list of services and offerings, be sure to visit WorkWell online to see all the ways you can get involved.