Geographic Information System (GIS), Computer-Aided Design (CAD) & Document Management

The Geographic Information System (GIS) division is responsible for developing and maintaining a geographic information system (GIS) for campus. The CAD & Document Management division is responsible for cataloging and archiving all campus project documents and related materials.

Office of Space Optimization

The office of Space Optimization:

  • Maintains an accurate space database of university owned and occupied space.
  • Administers a fair and equitable process for requesting and allocating campus space.
  • Provides insightful space and space use analyses to make informed decisions.

Planning, Design & Construction (PD&C)

The campus architect is responsible for managing and monitoring all physical changes to campus buildings and grounds. Find information on campus construction projects, site locations and schedules on the Cone Zone page. The Design & Construction team assists campus clients with the successful completion of construction projects. The Planning & Design team provides long term planning for campus facilities.    


The Engineering division's mission is to create safe, comfortable, sustainable and efficient facilities that can operate at minimal cost in support of the academic and research mission of the university.  Engineering is committed to providing quality engineering support for campus clients in the form of reviews of program-plans and designs, design of small projects, construction inspections and start-up commissioning. Reviews of designs are performed for compliance with codes, UCB standards, good engineering practices, constructability, maintainability, reliability, and energy/water conservation to promote and implement high-level sustainability practices campuswide.

Engineering also provides engineering support to the facilities maintenance and operations staff, design guidance to UCB project managers, and design-oversight of consultants. We develop and maintain university standards, design guidelines, and construction-requirements lists in cooperation with maintenance staff. Nationally-certified building, mechanical, electrical and civil code officials for the campus are within our group. Within the context of life-safety, we provide emergency response, routine fire safety inspections, and hot-work permit and fire-extinguisher training.