Campus Architect

The CU Boulder Campus Architect is responsible for managing and monitoring all physical changes to the buildings and grounds of the university. This task is mandated by administration, students, faculty, staff, alumni, and the outside city, state, and national interests who treasure the campus built environment.

Campus Planning

Campus Planning focuses on the University's long-range planning and the capital development functions of the University's Facilities Management organization as a balanced counterpart to the project-related functions of Campus Design & Construction.

Civil Engineering

The campus civil engineering team, housed in the Department of Facilities Management, is tasked with helping make CU-Boulder’s built environment a functional and safe place to study and work.

Cone Zone

Here you will find information pages on major capital construction projects on campus, as well as a complete list of all construction projects in progress on campus. 

Design & Construction

The Design & Construction division of Facilities Management assists campus clients through the various processes necessary to successfully complete all construction projects on campus. 

Electrical Engineering

The campus electrical engineer verifies that campus and national electrical code standards are met throughout all CU-Boulder buildings and facilities.

Facilities Standards

Campus facilities standards assist architects, engineers, other design professionals and contractors in understanding the university's requirements.

Fire & Life Safety

The mission of the Fire and Life Safety team is to ensure the safety of the University of Colorado students, personnel and visitors through the interpretation of fire protection codes and standards and the application of engineering principles.

Geographic Information System (GIS), Computer-Aided Design (CAD) & Document Management

The Geographic Information System (GIS) division is responsible for developing and maintaining a geographic information system (GIS) for campus. The CAD & Document Management division is responsible for cataloging and archiving all campus project documents and related materials.


All construction work on campus is required to undergo a process that includes plan review, permitting and inspection.

Mechanical Engineering

The campus mechanical engineering team, housed in the Department of Facilities Management, serves as a steward of the university’s HVAC and plumbing systems, helping provide a safe, functional and comfortable building environment.

Office of Space Optimization

The office of Space Optimization maintains an accurate space database of university owned and occupied space, administers a fair and equitable process for requesting and allocating campus space and provides insightful space and space use analyses to make informed decisions.