Focus Areas

Geographic Information System (GIS)

Using the drawings submitted by designers or by surveying campus with GPS equipment we maintain a GIS data base that contains a map of campus buildings, roads, sidewalks and so much more (to see how much more, refer to our GIS table of contents). Our goal to is provide "a single point of truth" for geospatial entities on campus and provide all of campus with accurate and consistent maps.

Floor Plans

Using the drawings submitted by designers or by surveying buildings we create or update "Base Floor Plans" using AutoCAD. The floor plans are availible as pdf files and show a general representation of a floor of a building including walls, doors, windows, columns, plumbing fixtures, and permanently mounted items. 

Document Management

When a construction project on campus is completed design teams involved in the project such as architects and engineers submit "as-built" or "record documents" to our team. These documents are stored in a document  management system where they can be searched by attributes such as discipline and drawing type to name a few.

When starting a new project on campus consultants can visit our office to search for drawings from previous projects.