CAD & Document Management

We are responsible for cataloging and archiving all "As Built" campus project construction documents and related materials. We assist customers on a daily basis with researching vast archives of projects and information. Our customers include consultants, project managers, professors, students working on class projects, and anyone with a need to research our drawings and data. We are also tasked with incorporating graphic and data information from as-built drawings to ensure that maps and drawings accurately reflect the campus and its structures.

GIS & Utilities Mapping

We are responsible for developing and maintaining a Geographic Information System (GIS) database that allows large quantities of information to be mapped, modeled, queried, and analyzed according to location. We create and maintain the campus map and utilities maps as well as collaborate with other departments. We are currently working to integrate GIS with other campus systems such as space databases, work order systems, and document management systems.

Office of Space Optimization

Our office has always worked hand in hand with the Office of Space Optimization, and now we are a part of the team officially and report to the Office of Space Optimization.  Access the Office of Space Optimization's website here.

Recharge Policy

  • Labor rate: $64.37 per hour
  • Materials rates are dollars per square foot of media. (24x36 inch media = 6 sqft.)
  • Hardcopy prints are $3.00/sqft.
  • Digital files are available for $1.00 per file ($5 min).
  • Please email to request an estimate for your project.