Using the drawings submitted by designers or by surveying buildings we create or update "Base Floor Plans" using AutoCAD. The floor plans are availible as pdf files and show a general representation of a floor of a building including walls, doors, windows, columns, plumbing fixtures, and permanently mounted items. 

 Request access to floor plans

Landing page with information on the webform used to request access to specific floor plans or archived construction documents.

Floor Plans on Sharepoint

PD&C Sharepoint site where Facilities Management employees can access PDF floor plans of CU Boulder owned and operated buildings.

Meridian Web Link

PD&C Sharepoint site that links to the web explorer where Facilities Management employees can access pdf building floorplans, trades plans, and evacuation plans and their corresponding dwg/CAD files.

​ CAD standards

The CAD standards explain document submittal requirements through the life cycle of a project.

​ Property Asset Numbering System (PANS)

Property Asset Numbering System or PANS for short is our process for which building room numbering is created and implemented.  It is designed to be guidelines to provide standardization of our numbering with the purpose of enableing student, faculty, staff, and visitors to effectively navigate their way around campus.  This was created and is managed by our office along with the Office of Space Optimization, which we report to. 

Master Building List (MaBL)

The Master Building List or MaBL for short is the official listing of buildings owned or operated by CU Boulder.  This is managed by the Office of Space Optimization with our help and we maintain the active floor plans for this list of buildings