Learn GIS data collection methods; how items on campus can be located on a map and populated with important attributes. 


Contact us to arrange a meeting with a GIS Analyst to discuss how the power of GIS can help you or your team with a geospatial solution.

Custom Mapping

Check out some example maps and unleash your imagination as you develop a map that will serve your needs exactly.
 Campus Tree Tour

Error Reporting

We welcome your help.  If you notice an error on any campus map or floor plan, please fill out our error reporting webform.

Please contact us with any questions.

GIS Focus Areas

Munsys / Enlighten

Munsys is our original GIS platform where we currently manage all campus utilities and other information listed in the GIS Table of Contents. Enlighten is a web based tool (requiring a personal license) for finding, visualizing and accessing maps and other information stored across campus databases and archives. It is an interactive campus map that ties information to a location on campus . You can view and print a standard campus map or turn on various layers such as utilities, trees, ground panels, tunnels, aerial imagery, floor plans, and much more. To learn more or to request a demonstration, training, or access, please contact us today at fmcad@colorado.edu.

Enlighten Web Map Link

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ESRI Portal

We have recently developed an ESRI Portal where we can share campus maps and information with more people reducing the need for licenses for most users. The ESRI Portal is a great way to build your own map choosing from available layers. Our Space Data Application is one popular use of the Portal.

Map Hub (GIS ESRI Portal)

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Space Information Map (SIM)

Data Collection

We have a GPS unit with a data collector that allows us to perform field surveys and geolocational data collection.

Data can also be collected through the use of smart phones, tablets or laptops.

Learn more about GIS data collection