Emergency Contact (Primary and Backup) Responsibilities

During regular business hours (8am-5pm, M-F):

  • If an alarm occurs in your area, help ensure that everyone in the area is evacuating.
  • If an alarm occurs in another area of the building, help make sure people do not cross into the alarmed area (i.e., people do not go into areas where the alarm is sounding).
  • With your safety coordinator, find out as much as you can about the alarm, without endangering yourself. Priority should be evacuation over investigation.
  • After exiting the building, find the incident command center and/or fire truck. Trucks should come to either the driveway between ECCE and ITLL or the west entrance of the Engineering Center. Meet there to help as needed. (See next two items.)
  • Work with the incident commander (designated leader, usually the Boulder Fire Dept.) to assist as needed. This may include duties such describing lab contents (chemicals, gases, experiments in progress) and securing entrances so that no one enters the building.
  • Stay at the incident command location until the alarm is resolved and the building is reopened, unless otherwise instructed. If one or more areas need to remain closed, you and your safety coordinator may be asked to assess any special needs of your area (ex., if the A/C is out in an area, what impact it could have on experiments that are underway).

Outside regular business hours (Evenings, weekends, holidays):
Contact numbers (home, cell) have been given to the key contacts in FACMAN and the Campus Police. They are instructed to call the primary contact first, and then the backup contact, if an alarm occurs in your assigned area and assistance is needed to assess the problem. You may be able to help over the phone, or you may need to come to campus. You may need to contact your safety coordinator or another emergency contact person, so have contact information available to you at home.

Emergency Contacts

Primary: JoAnn Zelasko
Backup: Ruth Ingraham
Space Covered: ECAD, ECOT, ECCR & DLC (alarms and major emergencies in Eng Center)

Primary: Matt Rhode
Backup: Patti Gassaway
Space Covered: ECAE

Primary: Mark Ablowitz
Backup: Anne Dougherty    
Space Covered: APPM assigned space

Primary: Wayne Gardner
Backup: Dave Meyer
Space Covered: ECEE and BOLD 

Primary: Doug Smith
Backup: Robin McClanahan                
Space Covered: Be Boulder Anwhere Office space in ECOT 1st floor & classrooms 

Primary: Dan Schwartz
Backup: Will Medlin   
Space Covered: ChBE labs in ECCH
(may be contacted by CEAE and/or ME emergency contacts)

Primary: Araceli Warren
Backup: Balaji Rajagopalan
Space Covered: ECCE, 1st floor of ECCH & IB floor of ESL 

Primary: Chris Koehler
Backup: Bernadette Garcia  
Space Covered: DLC 270-290

Primary: Stephanie Morris
Backup: Jim Martin
Space Covered: ECCS

Primary: Wayne Gardner
Backup: Dave Meyer   

Primary: JoAnn Zelasko
Space Covered: ECOT 

Primary: Jose Santos           
Space Covered: ECEE 275A/B & 283 (may be contacted by ECEE emergency contacts) 

Primary: Greg Potts
Backup: Clayton Lewis   
Space Covered: ECME, 1B floor of ECCH & 1st floor of ECSL