The Leadership Studies Minor will help you develop as a leader. Whether you plan to lead a start-up, be a community organizer, found a non-profit, serve in the military, or run for office, one common ingredient is leadership.

Suitable for students from all majors, the Leadership Studies Minor is designed for students who are curious about what the academic research says about leadership and who want to practice leadership as a CU student. You might not think of yourself as a leader now, but by pursuing this minor you will learn new ways to think about leadership and discover your own leadership strengths. If you already have a track record of leadership, this is a place to broaden your understanding and deepen your skills. 

The Leadership Studies Minor, housed in the School of Education, is a program of CU Engage: Center for Community-Based Learning and Research in partnership with the Newton Chair for Leadership. Visit the Leadership Studies Minor website to learn more.

Multicultural Leadership Scholars Pathway

As a Multicultural Leadership Scholar, you are valued for diverse backgrounds, experiences, abilities, concerns, knowledge, interest and accomplishments. You will develop meaningful relationships with professors and peer mentors. Culturally diverse practicum classes build an increased sense of community. In addition, in your first year, you complete eight out of the 16 credits required for the Leadership Studies Minor.

 Note: Multicultural Leadership Scholar courses are open to all first-year students in all majors who have a genuine interest in learning about leadership from a multicultural perspective and who champion an ethic of civic and social responsibility.

The curriculum helps students to understand how institutions and communities solve problems and learn about the different leadership styles needed to work effectively in a variety of settings. You will learn about your values and belief systems as well as those of others. Culturally competent leadership develops when students are able to integrate their knowledge of self and others into their practice of leadership. Students and faculty work to recognize that building community, collaboration, ethical reflection, respect and valuing diversity are hallmarks of contemporary leadership practice. You will also develop community outside of courses through events and in a community space. Learn more about the Multicultural Leadership Scholars Pathway.

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Learn more about the program on the Leadership Studies Minor Website.

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