Are you interested in developing a better understanding of the social, political, and cultural factors influencing our diverse world? Are you passionate about social change in schools and communities?

The Ethnic Studies and Education BAM (Bachelor's and Master's) Degree Program offers you an efficient and rigorous path toward earning a Bachelor’s Degree in Ethnic Studies and a Master’s Degree in Education in five years.

The program invites highly focused ethnic studies students who are interested in applying their critical thinking skills and dedication to social justice to transformative careers in education.

This new program offers a Master’s degree pathway in: 

  • MA in Educational Foundations, Policy and Practice for those interested in policy and curricular issues and developing an interdisciplinary lens in graduate level research.


You may apply at the beginning of your junior year or at anytime thereafter prior to completion of your undergraduate studies. Applications are submitted to and reviewed by the School of Education.

Applicants must:

  1. Have declared Ethnic Studies as a major
  2. Have completed all Minimum Academic Preparation Standards (MAPS) requirements
  3. Have a minimum GPA of 3.0.

Application Requirements

  • Three letters of reference. Two letters must come from professors with whom you have taken Ethnic Studies or Education courses. The third letter may be from a professor, instructor, or supervisor in a community or educational setting
  • Personal Statement
  • Continuation in the Program

Once admitted, students must:

  • Maintain a cumulative GPA of 3.0.
  • Complete 6 credits of graduate-level coursework by the second semester of senior year.
  • The BAM has a required 5-year time limit. You must complete all requirements for the BA by the end of your 8th semester and complete all requirements for the MA by the end of your final 5th year. 

Contact Us

Completing the BAM program requires careful planning. Consult your advisor early to help chart your degree plan.
Contact education advisors at or 303-492-6555
Contact ethnic studies advisors at or 303-492-8852

The School of Education and Department of Ethnic Studies have partnered to support the BAM degree program that reflects each unit’s commitment to educational opportunity, diversity, and engaged scholarship examining how race and the interrelated categories of ethnicity, disabilities, language, gender, class, and sexuality impact the lives of people locally and globally.