The Student Testing Center (STC) is for students with approved accommodations from Disability Services.

Students that are eligible to use the STC may have one or more of the following accommodations:

  • Students needing a reader or scribe
  • Students with needs for multiple breaks
  • Students allowed double time (2.0x) for tests
  • Need for a private testing room
  • ... and more

If you have questions surrounding eligibility, you will have a full roster of students made available to you who are eligible for the testing center. Information on how to view students who have accommodations in your courses can be found on our Faculty Accommodate Tutorial page.

For more specific information on the Student Testing Center, please refer to the Student Testing Center Policies.

Student Testing Center Policies

 How to Sign-up Students in the Student Testing Center

Professors will need to use the student testing center form to schedule students for exams. 

Students have been directed to share this form with you should they have an exam request. The purpose behind using this form is to create a dialogue between faculty and students to best discuss how accommodations are used in each classroom.

All instructions of how to use or center, included available times and dates, are included on the form. Please contact the Student Testing Center with any questions or concerns.

 Proctorio and Canvas Exams

If you have exams scheduled that utilize Proctorio and/or Canvas, some students with accommodations may not need to use the Student Testing Center.

Students with 1.5x or 2.0x extended time accommodations can be proctored remotely using Proctorio. As the instructor, you will need to edit their specific time slots so that their exam time is accurately accommodated. This should be done prior to an exam, as exam times cannot be edited once an exam begins in Proctorio. 

Some students may have accommodations that can make the use of Proctorio difficult during an exam (e.g. use of a reader, scribe, frequent breaks, assistive technology, etc.). Students needing to use the Testing Center for a Proctorio exam will need to be exempted from Proctorio. Instructions for exempting a student from Proctorio

In the event that a student cannot use Proctorio for an online course exam, we will work with you directly to find a solution that works best for you and your student.

To learn how to change exam times for Canvas exams and quizzes, please visit this guide.

Learn more about Proctorio and how to determine whether or not a student should use the Student Testing Center for exams.

Accommodating students with 1.5x/DRE

Per a student's accommodation letter, professors should provide the accommodation of 1.5x/DRE. If additional space is needed for these students during an exam, please visit the university room reservation website. Requests for students with 1.5x/DRE to take an exam in our center may be available depending on the day and time for students, but are not guaranteed. We reserve spaces for eligible students in our center for exams.

Requesting space for final exams

A form for reserving space for final exams will be made available in March. Our center will be open every day of final exams from 8 a.m.-7:30 p.m. Please begin to make arrangements for students needing 1.5x/DRE if you have not done so already. All spaces for final exams will first be reserved for students who are eligible to use our center. A student's accommodation letter will inform you if they are eligible to use our center.

 Additional Services – Room Rental for Exam Proctoring Led by Instructors

As an instructor, if you do not wish to use our proctoring services but would still like to utilize rooms for accommodated students led by you or another course affiliate (such as a TA or GA), you may use rooms in the Student Testing Center if a room is available. Instructors may rent space for free to proctor accommodated students if you are in need of additional classroom space for exams. Spaces may only be reserved for students needing accommodations. Normal Student Testing Center operating hours apply. Please contact to learn more.