Prepare to take an exam at the Student Testing Center by following these guidelines and policies.

 Arrival time

Please arrive at the Student Testing Center (CASE Building, E130) 15 minutes prior with all the materials needed for your exam (e.g. pencils, calculator, scantron, etc.).

It is the student’s responsibility to ensure their exam is for the right course and test number before starting the exam.

Your test will start at your assigned exam time as discussed by you and your instructor. You must complete your exam within your scheduled time frame. If your exam begins late at fault of the testing center, you will be given your allotted accommodation examination time.

Exams will be stopped at your designated end time, regardless of completion. If you feel like you need more time, please consult with your instructor about the exam.

Personal belongings

Personal belongings are not allowed in testing rooms, including backpacks, purses, cell phones, etc. Additionally, all hats, sunglasses and oversized jackets or coats must be removed before entering the testing room.

You are allowed to bring in your own earplugs for your exams if you wish. Unless otherwise approved, you may not bring anything electronic (earbuds, noise-canceling headphones, etc). Noise cancelling headphones may be provided upon request.

Note: The Student Testing Center is not responsible for any lost or stolen items. Please leave any unnecessary items at home.

Testing rooms

All Student Testing Center rooms meet the requirements of a distraction-reduced environment to provide spaces with reduced auditory and visual stimuli.

If you feel like you need a different accommodation as it relates to your room environment, please contact your Access Coordinator.

Restroom breaks

Restroom breaks are not allowed unless you have been approved for breaks during exams for accommodated reasons, or otherwise given permission by professor. Any student taking a break that is not allowed will be reported to the professor. Accessing locked materials during a break is NOT allowed unless otherwise permitted for accommodation purposes.

Student behavior

All students should refrain from talking, shouting or crumpling paper in the testing rooms. Distracting behaviors will result in being asked to leave the Student Testing Center.

Additionally, any behavior that appears to be cheating will be questioned and reported to your instructor. All test materials must be placed in your testing envelope at the end of the exam, including scratch paper and formula sheets (unless otherwise directed by your professor). Exceptions are made if the exam is taken online or if you are using a computer for an exam. STC staff will collect your belongings when you have finished. Testing materials will be kept in locked storage (unless otherwise directed by professor) should you wish to pick them up at a later time with permission from a professor.

Any threatening or aggressive behavior towards STC staff will not be tolerated. Such behavior will be reported to student conduct.

Service animals

Service animals are allowed in the Students Testing Center. It is ideal you let disability services know you have a service animal, so we are able to provide a welcoming environment for you and your animal on exam day.

Additional policies

Please review the Student Testing Center policies for more information about testing requirements and expectations.

Student Testing Center Policies