By using our center, you are agreeing to our policies and procedures. Failure to comply with policies during an exam could be seen as a violation of the CU Honor Code. Student Testing Center staff will address policy violations with you should they arise during an examination.

 Scheduling an exam

All exams must be requested by having your professor fill out the student testing form

Please connect with your professor as soon as you are able. Emailing the Student Testing Center or Disability Services to schedule an exam is not permitted.

  • Test appointments must be made five business days in advance of requested time. Failure to schedule a test appointment may result in a delay in beginning your exam.
  • Monday test appointments must be scheduled on Friday or before. Requests placed over the weekend may not be granted.
  • Tests must be started early enough to be finished by 4 p.m. accounting for accommodations.
  • Tests must start and end on the same day.

 Before your exam

  • Arrive to the Testing Center on time and with the materials needed for exam (pencils, calculator, scantron, etc.).
  • You must bring identification, such as your CU Student ID or Driver’s License
  • Waiting in the lobby outside of the Testing Center is not permitted, please arrive at appointment time only.
  • No personal belongings are allowed in testing rooms (backpacks, purses, cell phones, etc.). If certain prohibited items are needed due to accommodation, please connect with your Access Coordinator in Disability Services for more information.
  • Hats, sunglasses and oversized jackets or coats must be removed before entering testing room.
  • It is the student’s responsibility to ensure their exam is for the right course and exam/quiz number before starting the exam.
  • Refrain from wearing strong scented lotions, perfumes, deodorants, etc. that may trigger allergic reactions or create a distracting environment.

 While testing

  • Restroom breaks are not allowed unless you have been approved for breaks during exams due to disability accommodations or otherwise permitted by your professor. Please use the restroom if needed prior to your exam time.
  • Accessing locked materials during a break is NOT allowed unless otherwise permitted for accommodation purposes.
  • Refrain from talking, shouting, or crumpling paper in the test environment. Distracting behavior will result in being asked to leave the testing room.
  • Any behavior that appears to be cheating will be questioned and reported to the professor immediately.
  • If you’d like to know how much time you have remaining, please raise your hand to get the attention of a proctor. The proctor will let you know how much time you have left. Personal timers are only allowed in private rooms.
  • Please do not leave the exam area unless otherwise permitted for a break or until you have completed your exam.

 After your exam

  • Clean your testing space once you complete an exam, this includes brushing away eraser crumbs or pencil markings from desk.
  • All test materials must be placed in your testing envelope at the end of the exam, including scratch paper and formula sheets (unless otherwise directed by your professor). Exceptions are made if the exam is taken online or if you are using a computer for an exam. STC staff will collect your belongings when you have finished.
  • If you are taking an exam online, please let a proctor know when you have finished. They will need to see a confirmation that you have successfully completed or submitted an exam.
  • If your STC exam time finishes before the regular class exam time, you may not discuss or share information about the exam with classmates until their exam is complete. This could be considered as violating the CU Honor Code of “On my honor, as a University of Colorado Boulder student I have neither given nor received unauthorized assistance." Consequences may follow if the Honor Code is broken.