Logging in

Log in with your campus IdentiKey and password.

  1. Visit the CU Boulder EMS page.
  2. Log in with your campus IdentiKey and password.

Creating a Reservation

To reserve space from the pool of campus space available to all students, faculty and staff:

  1. Click on the Home icon, and then select My Home or Create A Reservation.
    An image of the website home screen
  2. Choose a template from the list of reservation templates, and click the Book Now button.
    The list of reservation templates
  3. Click the "i" information icon for details about scheduling these spaces.
  4. Enter a date, a start and end time, and click Search.
    Select the date and time span for your search
  5. Click the green plus-sign icon to select a room. The display shows the hours of the day across the top of the screen, and the red lines indicate the time period you're searching for.
    Search result display
  6. Select Next Step or Reservation Details.
  7. Enter the Event Name and choose an Event Type
  8. Choose a Customer. Students should choose "students" and then enter their contact name, phone and email. Faculty and staff should choose their department.
  9. Complete the Additional Information.
  10. Click Create Reservation.
    Create a reservation