The trees on the University of Colorado Boulder campus have not always been so grand and majestic. In fact, the University was founded on a treeless plain. Currently, the campus forest consists of around 5,000 trees, most of which are cared for CU’s Facilities Management. 

The University of Colorado Museum of Natural History in collaboration with Facilities Management offers tree walks twice a year, usually in May and October. For more than twenty years and until his retirement, Alan Nelson, former Senior Grounds Specialist, guided the tours. Now, these walks are guided by Vince Aquino, Facilities Operations Arborist, with the participation of Alan Nelson. During the tree walks you will discover the unique characteristics and attributes of trees, and why they are so important to the history of the University.

Mr. Nelson wrote a booklet for a self-guided tour. He and Vince Aquino constantly review these materials to keep them updated.

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